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About us

WCC was established Jan 1, 2017 by Jimmy & Sheryl Travis with a passion for the wounded.  Out of our own wounds, whether self-inflicted or world-inflicted, we recovered by believing God's word by faith. 


Now we are called by the Lord Jesus Christ to preach, teach and share with others the uncompromising teachings of Christ on "Hope, Healing, and Help" from the word of God. To people who have been wounded, just like us for various reasons. 

Wounded Christian Center is a non-denominational, full Gospel, charismatic, Pentecostal, Church preaching the Word of Faith to families, adults, parents, youth and children in Amarillo, Texas.  We help you with building a faith-filled relationship with our loving Father through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Jimmy Y. Travis Jr.

Minister Of The Gospel Of Christ


your servants:
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Sheryl A. Travis

Ministry Of Helps

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